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How To Get Started

You have dedicated your life to your family and/or your business.  You now seek peace of mind knowing that your family is protected, your business is preserved, and that your legacy will make a positive impact on the next generation.  The single greatest threat to your peace of mind is not from the estate tax or from a creditor.  The single greatest threat to your peace of mind, and to your family and/or business, is failure to act.

To get started, simply call our office at 919-647-9599 to schedule your personal Estate and Business Planning Consultation.  Our office will schedule the most convenient appointment time for you to meet with our firm.   Unlike many law firms, we guarantee that you will meet with an experience estate and business planning attorney.  We generally see clients on Tuesday through Thursday and will work with you if you need to meet outside the normal business hours.

The Estate and Business Planning Consultation generally last from an hour to two hours depending upon your family and/or business structure, the composition of your estate and/or business, and other relevant factors.  Prior to our meeting, you will receive a package of information to complete in order for us to effectively and efficiently address your individual planning needs.

During the Estate and Business Planning Consultation we will review your current estate and/or business planning, look at the impact on your loved ones if something were to happen to you, and access potential tax, creditor, and/or predator threats to your loved ones and to your estate.  Then, we listen to you.  We want to understand your goals, what you want to happen with your estate, and how you want arrange your legal and financial life.  Finally, we will begin to discuss strategies and solutions in helping you and your family achieve peace of mind.

To schedule an Estate and Business Planning Consultation, please call our Raleigh office at 919-647-9599.
(In some circumstances, we can meet with clients in locations other than our offices.  If special circumstances prevent you meeting in our office, please inform our staff in your initial call.)